1 November 2009

Parkour Thriller Zombies

A short film produced by Paul Maunder of Northern Parkour, based on the music video for Michael Jackson’s Thriller. We rehearsed the dance routine for a long time and threw together the script and filmed the other bits at some training sessions.

5 February 2009

Parkour – The Nature Of Challenge

This is the new parkour documentary. It was produced by two good friends of mine; the legendary Paul Maunder and written by the Chairman of the British Parkour Coaching Association, Dave Sedgley. This is truly the greatest parkour documentary we have seen to date, in terms of its content (the words and the movement) and in terms of how […]

3 August 2008

Trace Gathering 2008

Trace is a Parkour gathering in the peak district organised by Jason Matten and Dave Sedgley. The first proper one was last year (Trace Gathering 2007) and we had a smaller one the year before called the Northern Parkour Gathering 2006. I came back a few days early from my trip to the Spanish Pyrenees for […]

12 January 2008

Us On BBC Inside Out

It all started with an email from Jamie Coulson. He asked if I could set something up to film parkour for his programme, Inside Out, for the BBC. I told him about the (then upcoming) Trace Gathering and he was very interested, so I arranged with Jason Matten, the organiser, and arranged for Jamie and a […]

30 October 2007

Spontaneous Cambridge Visit

I’m currently sat in a pub called The Eagle, it’s round the corner from King’s College Chapel of the University of Cambridge, I’m waiting for the food we just ordered. I’m writing this blog post on my new mobile phone. Damn right – I’m on Blogger on my phone. I love technology. Anyway, here’s my story […]

3 September 2007

Lisses 2007

For those of you who don’t know, Lisses is a suburb of Paris and it is where Parkour began. David Belle, the founder of the French discipline, lived there and began to develop the art of movement from his background in gymnastics, athletics and martial arts. Me, Danny and Scott met up in Sheffield bus […]

23 August 2007

Secret Message from Lisses

Danny and Paul went on their Lisses (France) trip last week and had promised to leave me a sign of some sort that I would see or find when I go next week. Danny told me that he had left something written on paper in the tunnel part on the Dame Du Lac, and that I would have […]

3 August 2007

Trace Gathering 2007

This week, Fieldhead Campsite in Edale in the Peak District held host to 115 or so traceurs for the Trace (or TRACEur) Gathering 2007. An absolutely brilliant few days of hanging out with over a hundred people who live for parkour – camping together, talking about parkour, and training in the most amazing natural areas […]

26 March 2007

Presenting at ShAFF 2007

On Thursday afternoon I received an email from Luke Markey from TT, who was meant to be standing in for Daniel Ilabaca to present the parkour films and do a talk on parkour at ShAFF – the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (Daniel couldn’t make it as he’s currently filming in India), anyway, Luke asked if […]

25 September 2006

Weekend in Manchester

Had an absolutely brilliant time in Manchester this weekend. Will, Dez and I saw Motion City Soundtrack at the Manchester Academy, and they totally rocked, supported by OK Go, who were pretty cool too (they even did a dance while we were waiting for MCS to come on!) After the gig finished, we realized we […]

16 July 2006

Northern Parkour Gathering 2006

Thursday in Sheffield It’s Thursday night now, I’m about to go to bed ready for tomorrow’s day in the Peak District. Today was a brilliant day of parkour; Will and I met up with Jin, Jason and two other traceurs from Cambridge, we trained from 1:00pm till about 8:00pm, it was fantastic. The four of […]