MagPi interview

Issue #91 of the official Raspberry Pi magazine, The MagPi, has just been published and it features an interview with me, about my time at the Foundation (and a bit before), letting the community know what I’m moving on to at the BBC.

You can buy or download the issue here: Issue #91

Here’s what the spread looks like, pages 82-83:

Here’s a gallery of pictures from my time at Raspberry Pi:

Goodbye Raspberry Pi, Hello BBC

Just a quick note to say I’m leaving the Raspberry Pi Foundation to start a new role at the BBC. I’ve been at Raspberry Pi for over six years, and it’s been great. I’m excited to join an innovation team called BBC News Labs. They find new ways to solve problems with technology, making lives easier for journalists, and they drive innovation within BBC News.

New Labs are based at New Broadcasting House in London, so I’ll be partly based there:


News Labs write up their projects at – so read up there to find out more.

So goodbye Raspberry Pi!

And hello BBC!

Hack To The Future

The BBC wrote about Hack To The Future on their Research & Development blog, including a short video featuring their coverage of me explaining my nontransitive dice session! Also some screen time with Sam of Manchester Girl Geeks (who gave a brilliant keynote); Tom Crick (Cardiff Metropolitan University); and of course, organiser Alan O’Donahoe.

I had a great time at the event, got to witness a real sensation of excitement for computer science amongst children. It’s really encouraging that we’re finally harnessing that energy and hopefully will be able to give direction to the kids interested in taking up programming.

See the full article – Teaching coding to kids at Hack to the Future – BBC R&D

Us On BBC Inside Out

It all started with an email fromĀ Jamie Coulson. He asked if I could set something up to film parkour for his programme, Inside Out, for the BBC. I told him about the (then upcoming) Trace Gathering and he was very interested, so I arranged with Jason Matten, the organiser, and arranged for Jamie and a cameraman to come along for one day of the event.

We met him at Grindleford station and walked up to Padley Gorge where he filmed a warm-up led by Jason, and as the day went on the two BBC guys followed the groups around the peaks and filmed bits here and there.

A couple of weeks later we arranged a filming session in Sheffield City Centre to capture parkour in the urban environment as well as rural. We did some stuff around the Crucible and Hallam University mainly. They also filmed some interviews on both filming days which were an integral part of the programme. Dave Sedgley talked about working towards parkour being taught safely by qualified coaches, Daniel Ilabaca talked about what he understands parkour to be about, and there were other good talks from Blake (Saiyans) and Jason Matten.

The video, as was shown on BBC One Yorkshire & Lincolnshire, can be seen on the You Tube:

Here’s Paul’s Trace Gathering video, he’s only just got round to editing it but it’s well worth the wait: