One year in BBC News Labs

I’ve now completed a full year working as software engineer in the News Labs team at the BBC. It’s been an odd year, obviously, but we’ve been cracking on with all kinds of projects – finding new ways to help journalists do their jobs; innovating around user experiences in news products and experimenting with other new ideas.

So far, I’ve worked on:

  • Personalised AV research – investigating various ways we could deliver personalised content to people
  • Digital Paper Edit – a web app allowing journalists to rough-cut edit audio and video files by editing an automated transcript
  • MOS Running Order Manager – a Python library and suite of AWS services for managing MOS running orders and extracting information about stories within TV and radio programmes
  • Personalised Skippy – a hack project re-using news clips from Skippy (the BBC News Alexa integration project) for a non-interactive personalised audio news experience
  • Personalised AV prototype – a web app displaying a personalised selection of segments from TV programmes
  • Live Segment Notifications – proof-of-concept for notifying users of relevant upcoming stories within TV and radio programmes in real-time, generated from running order data
  • Wiley Heatman – a hack project allowing users to add reactions and comments to specific blocks within pieces of modular content
  • MODUS – a project to help journalists create article formats that appeal to different audience groups from the same block of text

Here’s our 2020 highlights video:

Check out the News Labs website and you can follow us on Twitter: @BBC_News_Labs.