Parkour – The Nature Of Challenge

This is the new parkour documentary. It was produced by two good friends of mine; the legendary Paul Maunder and written by the Chairman of the British Parkour Coaching AssociationDave Sedgley. This is truly the greatest parkour documentary we have seen to date, in terms of its content (the words and the movement) and in terms of how well it was produced, putting the word of parkour out there in such a way to put the name of parkour in its proper place. It’s the best thing we’ve ever seen in parkour.

As stated at the start of the film, its purpose is to introduce people to parkour and to correct any misconceptions the viewer may have from past explanations or natural assumptions about what parkour is based on what they may have seen.

It’s in four parts and well worth taking the time to sit down, turn off any distractions and just watch and learn.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4: