29 November 2008

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award

Being part of the most active Scout Unit in South Yorkshire, I was strongly encouraged to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme and given every opportunity to complete each section of it, with a decent amount of effort. I worked through the Bronze in my first year when I was 14, went on to the Silver which […]

27 October 2008

London, baby!

I’ll try and be quick because I’m mega busy at the moment – got a massive week ahead of me and time is precious but I’m trying to keep up the whole ‘frequent blog post’ thing I’ve mentioned in the last few posts so here I am writing this from my brand new ASUS laptop […]

27 July 2008

Pyrenees 2008

I have just returned from a WVU Summer Trip to the Pyrenees! The Pyrenees are the mountains that border France and Spain – we were on the Spanish side, staying at a lovely campsite in the picturesque town of Torla in a valley on the outskirts of the Ordesa National Park. My journey there was rather easy-going; […]

10 February 2008

Winter Runaround / The Bone of Contention

The Winter Runaround is a Scouting competition for 14-25s where teams of 4-7 travel across South Yorkshire by means of public transport with pre-purchased travel passes, with the aim of competing bases at Scout headquarters all over the county in order to earn points. The Bone of Contention is a challenge trophy (a bone on […]

25 February 2007

Holiday in Snowdonia

I went to Wales for a weekend in half term with the WVU Network. I summited Snowdon (the highest mountain in Wales) for the first time, which was great, even though it is a bit touristy. Photos: And here’s the video:

17 December 2006

Millers Dale Viaduct

Sam Doyle got us the licence to do ‘rope training’ on the viaduct at Millers Dale, so we took the chance to have a go at abseiling off the side and towards the river. Miles led the evening and him, Burdy, Bob and Batley were in charge of belaying. Basically, what you had to do was […]

15 October 2006

Apex Challenge

This weekend I’ve been on the Apex Challenge, which is a competition for teams of four (this time in Castleton in the Peak District) where the teams involved have to navigate through a large geographical area racking up points from taking part in various activities at bases set up all round the mapped area. My […]