2015 Open Source Yearbook

I contributed to the 2015 Open Source Yearbook, created by, which you can download as a PDF or view the individual articles online.

  1. 6 creative ways to use ownCloud – by Jos Poortvliet, ownCloud community manager
  2. 10 tools for visual effects in Linux with Kdenlive – by Seth Kenlon, independent multimedia artist, free culture advocate, and UNIX geek
  3. 6 useful LibreOffice extensions – by Italo Vignoli, founding member of The Document Foundation
  4. Top 5 open source community metrics to track – by Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona, co-founder of Bitergia
  5. 5 great Raspberry Pi projects for the classroom – by Ben Nuttall, education developer advocate for the Raspberry Pi Foundation
  6. 8 books to make you a more open leader – by Bryan Behrenshausen, for The Open Organization
  7. 5 handy Drupal modules – by Michael E. Meyers, the VP of Developer Relations at Acquia
  8. Best Couple of 2015: tar and ssh – by David Both, Linux expert and enthusiast
  9. 3 open hardware projects for beginners – by Alicia Gibb, CEO of Lunchbox Electronics
  10. 10 helpful tools for a sys admin’s toolbox – by Ben Cotton, support engineer group leader at Cycle Computing
  11. Top 10 open source projects of 2015 – by Jen Wike Huger, an editor for
  12. 5 favorite 3D printing projects of 2015 – by Harris Kenny, VP of Marketing at Aleph Objects
  13. Top 5 open source frameworks every application developer should know – by John Esposito, Editor-in-Chief at DZone
  14. Publisher’s picks: 29 open source books for 2015 – by Rikki Endsley, Community Manager at
  15. Diversity in open source highlights from 2015 – by Cindy Pallares-Quezada, an Outreachy alumni
  16. Adafruit’s best open source wearables of 2015 – by Becky Stern, director of wearables at Adafruit
  17. 2015 was a good year for creating the world’s ‘missing maps’ with OpenStreetMap – by Drishtie Patel, GIS Analyst and Missing Maps Project Coordinator at the American Red Cross
  18. 5 favorite open source Django packages – by Jeff Triplett, Frank Wiles, and Jacob Kaplan-Moss, Django contributors
  19. Facebook’s top 5 open source projects of 2015 – by Christine Abernathy, Developer Advocate on the Open Source team at Facebook
  20. 10 projects to fork in 2016 – by Jason Baker,
  21. 10 cool tools from the Docker community – by Mano Marks, director of developer relations at Docker, Inc.
  22. 5 best open source games of 2015 – by Robin Muilwijk, Internet and e-government advisor